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The committee has been founded in 2005 and registered in the

 United Nations


Advocate Locally and Internationally for the full implementation of the UN Security Council Resolutions for Lebanon


Lebanon a sovereign, independent and prosperous state free from any form of occupation, where the right to life, Liberty and Property is preserved to every Lebanese Citizen

Message From the President

Lebanon is a country in crisis that seems to be failing on all fronts: politically, it continues to be under indirect occupation, economically, it has reached unprecedented levels of poverty, and debt, and socially, individual rights and liberties are violated every day. That is with an almost complete absence of rule of law due to corruption and nepotism.

In addition, the country hosts several terrorist organization, and consequently, cannot separate itself from them vis a vis the international community, nor can it be isolated from their agenda. The people of Lebanon are held hostage by terrorism, corruption and a politically paralyzing war by proxy that has crippled their fate culturally, politically, and economically, and has changed the face of their country from being the beacon of freedom and prosperity in the region, to a swamp of corruption, oppression and socio-economic deterioration. Not only is this an impudent assault on the fundamental human rights of life, liberty and property, but it is also a remorseless violation of the Lebanese constitution. The prompt and full implementation of the UN resolutions is the only viable solution for the abatement of corruption and the restoration of the freedom, identity and prosperity of the Lebanese people.

 In truth, it is the sake of the Lebanese people that acts as the political raison d’etre of these resolutions, and therefore, it belongs to them, not to the decayed political class of this moment that perceive Chapter 6 as a pretext for their denial, and indefinite postponing. Lebanon today ranks the lowest in almost all economic, social and political indicators. However, it is not just out of empathy towards the Lebanese people that this issue takes on international relevance. The country is among the world’s leading exporters of extremism, jihadism and terrorism and the one of the main hubs for the proliferation of these terrorist cells worldwide. Evidence depicts that most terrorist operations in the world had ties with Lebanese terrorist groups. The most famous example of that would be one of the September 11th hijackers, that was recruited and indoctrinated in Lebanon. This emphasizes the undeniable fact that counter- terrorism efforts in Lebanon are not just a matter of Lebanese national interest, but an issue of international importance, on the grounds that terrorist activity in Lebanon is a significant and growing threat facing the international community as well.

 The full implementation of the UN resolutions is not only a right to the Lebanese people but also a security requisite for the international community.


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