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“The Winterthur conference 2020 for Lebanon”

Switzerland, on September 12, 2020

The Lebanese-Swiss Association convened at its headquarters in Winterthur, Switzerland, on September 12, 2020, to host the “The Winterthur conference 2020 for Lebanon”
Speakers participating were as follows:
– Wadih Assaf
– Eliane Sarkis
– Nadine Moussa
– Linda Boulos Macari
– Pierre El Sokhn
– Forrest Partovi
After convening, the participants agreed on the following recommendations:

1- Immediate precautionary freezing of overseas banking accounts for senior Lebanese political officials (Politically Exposed People) and their relatives, especially in Switzerland, France and the United States of America, pending a transparent investigation into the disappearance of billions of dollars from the Lebanese treasury, and in preparation for the process of recovering the stolen funds.
2- Application of the law of illicit enrichment
3- Encourage states, the United Nations, and international institutions to deem “grand” corruption a crime against humanity liable under universal jurisdiction, and to hold perpetrators of these crimes accountable and brought to justice in international and foreign courts, in accordance with international penal laws.
4- Demand the immediate resignation of all corrupt authorities ruling in Lebanon.
5- Form a government composed of independent specialists, and granting it legislative powers.
6- Implement electoral reforms, through the organization of transparent and democratic elections under international supervision, in accordance with Article 22 of the Constitution.
7- Launch an institutional reform program that strengthens the separation of powers and guarantees the independence of the judiciary.
8- Adopt a stance of neutrality in foreign policy matters and implement all international decisions related to Lebanon issued by the United Nations Security Council.

9- Conduct a comprehensive forensic audit by international experts in the public sector.
10-Establish a criminal court to try those responsible for crimes against humanity committed in Lebanon, as well as those responsible for financial crimes.

The speakers furthermore unanimously agreed upon that:
There can be no way out of the crisis through repeated external intervention. Therefore, we call for the implementation of Chapter Seven of the United Nations Charter and recommend the following measures:
– Strict adherence to United Nations resolutions and the Taif Accords, especially the provisions related to the disarmament of militias and the return of state sovereignty over all Lebanese territories.
– Extending the mandate of UNIFIL to all Lebanese land, sea and air borders.

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