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Letter From UNSCR Committee For Lebanon To The OHCHR

Dear Ladies and gentlemen of this assembly and representatives of nations of the world,

Since it was founded Lebanon has never needed your assistance more than in the times in which it finds itself. Local and national governments around the world are struggling to cope with the effects of an ongoing pandemic and trying to plan for a future where accessing the basic needs of human life will be difficult for even those with the most advanced infrastructure, let alone a society that has experienced turmoil, war, and displacement for most of its existence. The citizens of Lebanon can no longer survive if you do not take immediate action.

The previous steps taken by the international community have completely failed to protect the Lebanese people. The events of the past year, and the political response to the issues those events have caused, are merely a few more links in a long chain of examples of why intervention by the United Nations is absolutely vital to release Lebanon from the bonds of corruption and ensure that there is even a future for the Lebanese people.

The lack of a strong definable governmental structure has left Lebanon’s citizens scrambling to find the means to support themselves. During the height of a global medical crisis, the largest city within Lebanon experienced the largest non-nuclear explosion in recorded history and literally shook its very foundation. What was the response of the government’s highest officials? To abandon the people and to leave them to fend for themselves. There has still been no conclusive investigation into the events and people responsible for allowing such a catastrophe.

However, it is an open secret that the problem was well known long before the explosion, but the danger was ignored. The international community cannot make the same mistake with the powder keg that the nation as a whole is currently becoming.

Due to the disconnection and lack of communication between those that should be protecting the needs of the citizens of Lebanon, the Lira is on a downward spiral, having seen a 40% decrease last year. Were that not damaging enough to the future for the Lebanese people, many businesses have been forced to close, and many of the country’s sources of revenue have been seriously affected due to the current global medical and economic crisis, what aid is being offered by other nations is not being properly distributed, if distributed at all. Lebanese citizens were even denied access to essential medical supplies at the height of Covid-19’s infection rate. Considering the fact that the world is experiencing new outbreaks, and that the virus is evolving daily Lebanon needs the means to protect its people. Those in power currently are clearly incapable of the task.

In the absence of a clear governmental structure, what choice does the United Nations have but to intercede? If conditions continue as they are if the situation continues to worsen for the people, as it has been, Lebanon will continue to be a breeding ground for crime, corruption and violence. Worse over the flood of weapons through the borders, and the financial instability of the nation is creating a very dangerous situation.

Historically, the convergence of these conditions in any particular region has led to the creation of terrorist strongholds, and the increased recruitment of scared and desperate people. Those who find themselves without access to the basic human needs will accept help and guidance from anyone offering even the smallest hope.

What choices will soon be left to the citizens of Lebanon if the United Nations does not intercede? In its short history Lebanon has experienced several wars, displacement of its people, and now a complete breakdown of the national political and economic systems. Even the Governor of Lebanon’s Central Bank has been implicated in criminal financial activity.

What safety and security can the Lebanese possibly enjoy? Please do not let The United Nations do the great injustice of abandoning them when they need you the most. They are literally fighting for the basic needs of life, if the United Nations does not offer them the assistance they need, who will be left to offer them a way out?

Currently the people of Lebanon cannot find the means to pay for rent, to pay for medical supplies, or even such basic needs as diapers for their children. The government who has sworn to protect them has left them with a leadership in disarray, a crumbling economy, and very little hope for resolution.

The United Nations can delay no longer and must enact the strongest possible measures to ensure that the rights of every citizen of the world is protected. Right now, few need your help in protecting those rights more than the sons and daughters of Lebanon. Theirs is a country that has been in crisis, and on the brink of failure, since well before the appearance of the Covid-19 Pandemic if the members of this body do not act immediately this vibrant culture may become displaced entirely, and the Lebanese state may vanish from the future of the global community long before we as a people find a solution to that medical crisis which is affecting us all.


President UNSCR Committee

For Lebanon Australia

Sydney, Australia

Website: www.unscrlebanon.org

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